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Terms and Conditions

Under these Terms and Conditions, the Company shall rent a motor vehicle (here in after referred to as "Rental Vehicle") to the Renter, and the Renter shall rent such Rental Vehicle from the Company. In provision with Article 8.3, should a driver other than the renter drive the Rental Vehicle, this other driver must be made aware of and adhere to these Terms and Conditions. Particulars not provided in these Terms and Conditions shall be construed in accordance with the subsidiary rules provided in Article 40, laws, regulations and general customs.

The Company may enter into any special contract, provided that it is not contrary to the purport of these Terms and Conditions or the subsidiary rules, the laws, the administrative notices and general customs. In the event special contracts are entered into, such special contracts shall prevail over the Terms and Conditions.

The collision damage waiver (CDW) does not cover:

Damages to the engine caused by water, such as when crossing un-bridged rivers or driving in water.

Damages which occur while the car is being raced or test-driven.

Damages caused through war activity, mutiny, riots, and uproar or by sabotage.

Burns on seats, carpets or floor mats.

Damages to wheels, tires, springs, batteries, glass (lights & windows), and radio as well as damages caused by theft of certain parts of the vehicle.

Damages caused by driving on bumpy roads on parts such as:

transmission, drive shafts, or other parts in or on the vehicle's under wagon. Damages which occur on the under wagon when the vehicle hits the uneven road, such as ridges left by road planers, or rocks stuck in the road or the roadside. Same applies to damages which occur when loose rocks or other items hit the vehicle while it is being driven.

Damages caused when the vehicle is driven where driving is forbidden, also by driving off-road, on trails not marked on charts as normal roads, on snow piles, on ice, over un-bridged rivers or streams, on beaches, in dirt or on any other kind of off-roads.

Damages when sand, gravel, ash, lava or other earth materials are blown on the vehicle.

Should the vehicle be moved by river, damages caused to it by the river water will not be paid.

Damages caused by the wind blowing up the door while opening it.

Other cases are referred to the general conditions of the comprehensive vehicle insurance.

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